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Got problems smithing one of the best heavy armorsĀ  in Skyrim, the Daedric Armor set? This is a good place to start! You have to be level 20, you get a message from a courier saying that there is a new museum opening. Follow the questline.

You can also get these Daedra Hearts by monitoring the Alchemy shops. Save them up for when you hit level 90 in smithing.

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More Locations:

  • One at Hall of the Vigilant directly south of Dawnstar and near Red Road Pass.
  • One at Jorrvaskr (The Companions‘ headquarters in Whiterun) in the room next to Kodlak Whitemane‘s bedroom. It is between the desk and the adjacent end table. Respawns occasionaly.
  • Two in the laboratory at Nightcaller Temple overlooking Dawnstar to the east. Can only be found during, or after, the Waking Nightmare quest.
  • In Sinderion’s Field Laboratory in Blackreach, below Alftand (main questline).
  • Inside Driftshade Refugee located south-east of Dawnstar. Inside an Apotechary’s Satchel on a shelf amidst a lot of ruined and burned books. **May be random or a mistake, some players have reported finding Briar Hearts instead of Daedra Hearts.**
  • The Thieves Guild fence in the College of Winterhold sells them to you after he has been unlocked.
  • Enthir in the Hall of Attainment (College of Winterhold) sells two at a time and will restock every two days. He must be approached first and then met in his room (2nd floor, 1st room on the left).
  • One at Drelas’ Cottage . Kill Drelas inside the house, and he has a chance to drop a Daedra Heart . Drelas’ Cottage is located south of Morthal, in the gorge between the two mountains. There is also a chance to find one in one of his cabinets, chest, etc…
  • Babette in the Dark Brotherhood will have one of the hearts.
  • One inside the apothecary’s satchel located in the cellar of Anise’s Cabin (may appear randomly)
  • After completing Recipe For Disaster, a random traveler will say hes gathering supplies in hopes to share a new recipe with the Gormet. If you still have the right of passage, you can show it to him and he will give you a daderic heart along with some other thing. (Found him traveling southeast of Whiterun.)
  • Kill Velehk Sain instead of taking his treasure map, in the midden dark underneath The College of Winterhold (get the key in the room with the gauntlet statue, go to The Arcanaeum, use the key on the investigators chest, loot the rings, go back to the midden dark, place the rings on the hand, and choose to fight Vehlek Sain)
  • Malyn Varen, the final boss of the Azura Shrine quest line (The Black Star) summons 3 Daedra mages during the fight and each one has a heart that can be looted.

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November 24, 2011