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There are 13 Guardian Stones across Skyrim. You can have 1 active at a time, but you can change them at will.

The Warrior Stone – Combat skills increase 20% faster.
The Thief Stone – Stealth skills increase 20% faster.
The Mage Stone – Magic skills improve 20% faster.
The Lover Stone – All skills improve 15% faster.
The Apprentice Stone – Recover Magicka twice as fast; twice as vulnerable to magic.
The Atronach Stone – 50 extra points of Magicka, 50% Absorb spells, -50% Magicka regen.
The Lady Stone – Regenerate Health and Stamina 25% Faster.
The Lord Stone – 50 points of damage resistance, 25% magic resistance.
The Ritual Stone – Raises all the dead around you to fight for you once per day.
The Serpent Stone – Paralyze the target for 5 seconds, and do 25 points of damage once per day.
The Shadow Stone – Invisibility for 60 seconds once per day.
The Steed Stone – Carry weight +100, no movement penalty from armor.
The Tower Stone – Unlock any expert level lock (or lower) once per day.

This time, we don’t tell you where they are 🙂

November 24, 2011