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Have you ever wanted to be able to just sell all your unwanted stuff to the same merchant, rather than having to walk around town finding every merchant possible? Or maybe just wanted to steal anything you feel like, without worrying about having to keep it for a long time only to get caught later to lose it?
Not everyone wants to actually spend perks in a skill with such limited use, or perhaps you just like roleplaying and consider your character isn’t really such a merchant as to have so many perks related.

Well, if any of the above is your case, then this is just the thing for you. It’s just a little Actor Value modification which won’t affect anything else than that (as far as I could test), and as such there’s no real file to download. You just need the ability to open the console. On it, there’s 2 lines you can write:

player.modav BypassVendorStolenCheck 1

This will let you sell stolen items to any merchant, still respecting what kind of item each merchant buys.

player.modav BypassVendorKeywordCheck 1

And this one will let you sell any non-stolen item to any merchant.
Simply enough, you just need to use both to be able to sell any item to any merchant at all. Of course, you still gotta be aware of how much money the merchant has.


Thanks to Rangaros

November 26, 2011