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Dragon Shouts can be very useful in the world of Skyrim. However, you first need to find them!

Ask Arngeir in High Hrothgar where the ‘Words of power’¬† are located. A new miscellaneous sidequest will be added to your journal.

After you have found the word of power for a shout, you need to ‘unlock’ it. For this, you need an absorbed dragon soul that you will get after killing a dragon.

Here is a list of the different Dragon Shouts: (warning: spoiler alerts after the ‘more’).

  • Unrelenting force: Fires a shockwave of force energy that stuns and pushes enemies away
  • Ice form: Encases enemies in ice incapacitating them for a short period of time
  • Storm call: Summons a thunderstorm to strike enemies with lightning (friendly fire possible)
  • Fire breath: Allows player to breathe fire at enemies
  • Slow time: Allows player to slow time with respect to enemies
  • Whirlwind sprint: Propels the player forward (akin to a ‘blink’ type effect)
  • Animal Allegiance: Summons beasts to aid you during combat
  • Elemental fury: Shout at your weapon and you can use weapons faster (does not work on enchanted weapons)
  • Become ethereal: Allows you to become immune to damage for a short period of time, however, you will be unable to fight.
  • Frost Breath: Frost breath akin to Fire Inferno Sun
  • Throw voice: Fools your enemies into thinking you are somewhere else. Ideal to lure them towards the edge of a bridge or mountain and them throw them off!
  • Disarm: Disarms enemies (up to a specified level, depending on shout level)
  • Clear skies: Clears the skies, removing any weather conditions
  • Call of Valor: Summons heroes to aid you in battle
  • Dragonrend: Forces Dragon to land (as long as there is space to do so).
  • Marked for death: Reduces health capacity, armor rating and stamina of target by some¬†%.
  • Aura whisper: Casts Detect Life in a huge range on self for a few seconds.
  • Call dragon: Calls up the dragon Odahviing to help you in battles
  • Kyne’s peace: Creatures are demoralised, either losing the will to fight or fleeing entirely. (shout level determines the level up to which it affects enemies)
  • Dismay: This shout makes enemies flee from you.


December 8, 2011