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There are a couple tips that help when trying to take “Photos” in Skyrim.

  1. Quickly remove HUD Open the in-game console by pressing ~ and then enter “tm” to turn menus off. Press ~ again to return to game. Menus are now off! Repeat to turn menus back on.
  2. Change “Lenses” Again, open the console by pressing ~. Now, we can change the Field Of View by using the command “fov x”, where x is a number. For example, “fov 15” gives you a “telephoto”, while “fov 140” gives you a fisheye. Default for the game is 70.
  3. Free Camera You can toggle “free camera” by opening console with ~ and typing “tfc”. This lets you move the camera wherever you want. Repeat to turn off.
  4. Waiting for the best light Quite obviously, you can press “T” in order to quickly get to sunrise/sunset or whatever other time of day you may want.
  5. Change the weather (thanks, EyeR8) sw – “Start Weather”, which will bring on the sequence of the current weather to the one specified (usage: sw (WeatherID), which for instance, sw c8220 will likely make a rainstorm form (though it may vanish quickly depending on which area of the game your in, due to the area’s climate being forced (like where rain isn’t common)) Also.. here’s a link to the weather commands. Helpful for when you want to setup a certain type of shot. Skyrim Weather IDs
November 25, 2011